„The final composition of Europe in a world, which is becoming too small for us, remains an open question!“
Erhard Busek, Chairman IDM, Insitute for the Danube Region and Centrale Euope, former Vice-Chancellor Austria

“There should be a reorientation when it comes to economic geographies in Europe”
Gregor Deuber, Head of Economics, Raiffeisen Bank International

“We are facing all kinds of labor market shifts. Looking at possible scenarios for the HR-Future, 5 Human Resource Trends will be the game changer, but: trust & stability will never be old-fashioned.”
Günther Tengel, Managing Partner Amrop Jenewein / Chairman Amrop CEE

“The main challenge of digital transformation is not technology – it’s culture.”
Vanessa Langhammer, Head of Digitalization, RailCargoGroup

“Glocal Innovation Solutions have a higher chance of success”
Arnold Veraart, AVC Dubai and former Senior Vice President Commercial for PepsiCo Asia, China, India, the Middle East and Africa.

“The new AI technologies give Hungary the chance to switch from manufacturing to a Research & Development centre.”
Martin Wodraschke, Co-Head of the CMS Auto Tech Group, Budapest, Hungary

“Why Electricity will be the main energy source in the decades to come!”
Alexander Benedict, CEO & owner of Benedict GmbH., Vienna

“Don’t give up too early, some of the biggest innovations took time and tweaks!”
Töre Birol, Vice President Sales CEE & Country Steering Laundry & Home Care CEE Europe.

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