In 2009 and 2010 – as a preparation for our book „VORSICHT VERTRAUEN“, a book published with the edition a in Austria and Germany on the loss of trust within our society, I had intervied several personalities in both countries. These interviews have clearly shown, that nearly all corporations and companies have implemented a vast variety of control-systems, to compensate for the loss of trust on all levels.

This could be confirmed in depth with our latest research & publication: "Verspieltes Vertrauen / Gambling in Trust??" - December 2015.

Regardless of the important question, if the loss of trust can simply be compensated by increased controls, we could clearly see, that this development has blocked our mind-set, to invent the future.

In times, where we experience a paradigm-change on all levels of our society, new media and new forms of communication, we would require creative, brave and innovative ideas to cope with the never ending complexity and to invent the future.

NEUSICHT has been founded to support such movements, concepts and ideas. Over the past ten years I have developed two models – one the so called “inner-view” for the analysis of the structure of companies, a brand´s offer and the second model, for the “external-view” of an institution, a company or a brand.
Both models are presented on my home page: simply click:  “the models”.

Especially the “external view” is a new and complex model, which is also being researched and perfected in the context of ongoing scientific lectures by Dr. Manfred F. Berger at the University of Applied Sciences Krems.

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